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Fun Things to Do in Houston

September 16, 2020
Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

Enjoy the Houston Symphony

Location: 615 Louisiana St., Houston, TX 77002

The Houston Symphony is something you don’t want to miss. Here, you can enjoy a nice view and beautiful harmonies. The symphony also hosts non-orchestral concerts, educational programs, and activities for the community. It’s a great place to go out to and enjoy the nice scenery and talented musicians.


Explore the Houston Zoo

Location: 6200 Hermann Park Drive, Houston, TX 77030

The Houston Zoo is located in Hermann Park. This family-friendly attraction is home to over 6,000 residents living in different ecosystems. The Houston Zoo does a great job at preparing engaging activities for all children and adults. It’s always interesting to find out about the distinct wildlife that is being protected in our very own Houston.


Visit NASA

Location: 2101 NASA Parkway, Houston, TX 77058

The NASA Space Center in Houston is filled with cool stuff to do. They showcase the equipment, play educational programs, and give interactive tours. The Space Center also has its very own theaters and galleries where you can learn about the program and space. Don’t miss out on the huge spacecraft that is parked in one of the museum’s plazas.


Shop at a Flea Market

Houston is well known for its great flea markets. You can find some great secondhand stuff at low prices. Houston flea markets also have some awesome food joints and music. You can’t miss out on visiting a flea market when you’re in town on a Sunday afternoon. You can enjoy Traders Village, Sunny Flea Market, and other awesome flea markets in Houston.


Visit the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

Location: 4501 Woodway Drive, Houston, TX 77024

The Arboretum and Nature Center is a natural environment that serves as protection for plants and animals that are native to this great city. It’s a great place to go and explore at no cost and learn from the exhibits and activities.


Visit the Museum of Fine Arts

Location: 1001 Bissonnet St., Houston, TX 77005

The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston has some of the most historical exhibits in town as well as modern exhibits. They feature lovely pieces of home décor, paintings, and amazing sculptures. Next time you have some time on your hands, visit the Museum of Fine Arts.


Visit the Houston Museum of Natural Science

Location: 5555 Hermann Park Drive, Houston, TX 77030

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is highly popular. It usually gets crowded throughout the week by locals as well as tourists. This museum holds many exhibits featuring topics like astronomy, ecosystems, rocks, space, chemistry, and more. There’s more than enough for everyone to enjoy at the Museum of Natural Science.


Explore the Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens

Location: 6003 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77007

The Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens is filled with beautiful art and paintings. You can enjoy the nice displays the garden has out for the public. You’ll love how green and peaceful the garden is.

Visit the Houston Graffiti Building

Location: 1503 Chartres St., Houston, TX 77003

Houston has some great artists, and where there are artists, there’s graffiti. The Graffiti Building in Houston can get crowded from time to time, so pick a nice cool day to visit the colorful artwork. If you’re a photographer, you might want to get your camera ready because the view is amazing.


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